Friday, 23 July 2021

Nursery: End of Year - July 2021

 Sad to say 


To all the children moving on, the Broadford nursery team would like to say:

You are a very special person and you should know,

How we loved to teach you, How fast the year did go!

Please come back to visit us as through the years you grow,

Try hard to learn all that you can, there’s so much to know.

One thing we tried to teach you, to last your whole life through,

Is to know that you are special just because…

You are you!!

We wish you all the best.

Graduation photos

To all the children returning in September, enjoy your summer. 

We can not wait to have you back in nursery for more fun-filled learning. 

Parents please check your emails for settling in information and official 

nursery start dates. Please ensure you attend all the dates listed in the

email which supports the nursery team to create amazing oppurtunities

for your children

Your Nursery team:

Mrs Ellender, Miss St Louis, Mrs Light,

Mrs Ngenge, Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Luka


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