Friday, 19 October 2018

Reception Superstars

Reception children have had a fantastic first half term at school! We are so proud of their achievements and we are proud to acknowledge their hard work incorporating our values and 4 R's into their daily routines.

The 4R's are awarded when our children demonstrate resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness in their behaviour and attitude. 
Well done to all of our superstars from this half of term! 

Well done Charleigh, Vanessa, Manreet, Asad, Flynn and Jake!

Well done Reagan and Asher!

Well done Dom!

Well done Abdulkarim!

Well done Olivia and Emma!

Well done Louie-Ray

Well done Louise-Maria!

It's a bug's life!

Last week Reception were excited to welcome some very exciting friends into Broadford. We had the amazing opportunity to see, touch and hold some very exotic animals.

Jake: "It was a bit scary!"
Macie: "I think the owl was so sweet and so soft like a teddy bear."
JJ: "I holded the turtle and it was tickling me and it nearly touched my leg!"

Maxi: "The lizard feels all bumpy!"
George: "It was a big lizard and I stroked it!"
Darci: "The owl feels very soft and it's very cute."

We loved the tegu!

We loved the snake!

We loved the meerkat!

We loved the owl!

We were all really brave and took turns to pet the animals!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Reading at Home in Year 1

Watch this video to see one of our teachers model how to use the reading books at home. Each week you will have a Read, Write Inc book and a Phonics story book which your child will need to read with your help.
You will also have a picture story book which you can read to your child for them to enjoy.

Remember the aim is for children to read with fluency and comprehension. The first time the children will read their book they will be focusing on accuracy (sounding out words correctly using their phonics), the second time for fluency (speed - they won't need to sound out every word), the third time they will be able to focus on expression and comprehension.

Make sure you practice reading with your child regularly and bring your book in on your reading day!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Loose Parts Fun!

The children have been busy exploring and building in the loose parts area. The practitioners have modelled some basic den building skills and the children are now beginning to build there own dens using the hooks, tarpaulins, sticks, crates and bricks. There really has been some fabulous designs! The children have needed to communicate, share their ideas and to collaborate whilst building. There has also been a need to adapt designs as they work, finding a solution that is effective. I think we have some budding architects and builders of the future in Reception!

“We need another stick, it’s falling!” Dominic J. 
“I’ve built a police station, that’s where the prison is.” Peter 

Reception Newsletter 15.10.18

Term: Autumn 1          Date: 15.10.18

Dear Parents and Carers,

Last week we opened our woodwork area for the first time. The children have been learning how to use a hammer along with the rules of the woodwork area. This is a great activity for developing fine motor strength and always popular. On Friday we had a visit from Kayleigh at The Animal Experience. She brought with her a variety of animals including a lizard, tortoise, meerkat, snake and owl.

This week we will be reading 'Owl Babies', so this was a fantastic experience to meet and stroke a real owl. We will be talking about our Animal Experience, writing letters to Bill the owl and learning about real owls.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We will continue working on sharing resources and taking turns. We will also be talking about how we can cheer people up when they are sad.

Physical Development
This term there will be a big focus on fine motor activities to strengthen our hand and finger muscles for writing. These are all of the ‘fiddly’ activities you will see around the classrooms, such as threading, using tweezers, cutting etc.

We are continuing with counting accurately, along with matching number and quantity correctly. We will also be counting things that can not be moved along with irregular arrangements.

We will be focusing in hearing and writing the initial sounds in words when we label to animals from our visitor. We will also be writing letters to Bill the owl and practising writing our names as we finish our letters.

Dates for your diary

Phonics Stay & Learn Session: Thursday 8th November - 9-9.45am Join your child in their classroom for a Phonics Stay & Learn session. There will be activities and games to play together along with an opportunity to see a short phonics session.

EYFS Nativity: Tuesday 11th December 10.30am or 2.00pm

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address


Kind Regards,
The Reception Team

Nursery Newsletter 15.10.18

Term: Autumn 1                      Date: 14.10.18 Dear Parents, The children enjoyed creating Pumpkin Geoboards last week. They had to stretch loom bands over the nails in the pumpkins to create their own patterns and shapes. This supported the children to develop Maths skills, Communication and Language skills and they had to use fine motor control to stretch the small bands over the pins.We are continuing to explore pumpkins this week and our story of the week is an Indian traditional tale called "NO DINNER! The story of the old woman and the pumpkin." The core Nursery Rhymes we are focusing on this week are: 'Incy Wincy Spider.' and 'One, two, three, four, five, once a caught a fish alive'.

Please bring in a change of clothes in a small, clearly named bag that can stay in school. Thank you to the parents/carers who have already brought these in. The children can also bring in a family photo to add to our home corner display, this can be printed or emailed to: of the World  The children will be able to scoop the insides from pumpkins and collect the seeds. They will help to create delicious pumpkin soup to taste and make their own bread roll! The children will be having Autumn walks and looking at the trees just outside the school to spot the signs of Autumn and collect leaves for us to sort. MathsThe children will have pompoms available that we will encourage them to sort and count to ensure they use number names in order and develop one to one correspondence (which means counting each object accurately.)
Communication and Language  The children will be encouraged to join in with re-telling our story of the week and use actions to help them to remember the core Nursery rhymes. Whilst cooking our pumpkin soup and bread the children will be encouraged to talk about what they are doing and what they notice happening. Mark making/Expressive arts and Design  The children will have the rolling paints available to mark make, create their own designs and develop wrist control.Key Dates 18th October - Individual photos - Photos with siblings can also be taken in the morning.   Half Term - 22nd October to the 27th October - The school will be closed this week. 2nd November - Learning Federation Fireworks Evening 27th November - Healthy Eating Stay and Learn session. This will be an opportunity to stay with your child, learn about how we develop healthy eating in school. We also have a nutritionist and Chef visiting so parents can take part in some fun cooking activities with their children. If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address is      Kind Regards,

The Nursery Team

Reading in Reception

Thank you to the parents and carers who were able to attend the Reception reading meeting last week. During the meeting we spoke about how we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme to teach the children the letter sounds, the key points you need to know are;

  • Children learn the sounds of the letters rather than the letter names first
  • A new sound is introduced every day
  • Fred talk means speaking in sounds - c-a-t for the children to blend a word back together (Watch the video below to see this in action)
  • To read the green words sent home this week the children need to recognise the sounds quickly to blend the word together
  • It is important the children say the sounds clearly - look at the Read, Write, Inc video below to see how you say each sound
Have a look at the video to see our teaching in action! Make sure you practice the words sent home with your child and don't forget to continue reading lots and lots of stories to them to develop their language and comprehension skills.