Friday, 15 January 2021

15.01.21 Reception Google Meets & Classroom

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Dear Parents and Carers,                     Term: Spring 1     

Please find below our current weekly timetable for our Reception live sessions. At our first session, we can discuss with the children our expectations  and what they can expect during the lives. We are so excited to be able to see you all and we hope the children are too!

Google Meets and Live Sessions






Facebook Live

Monday Morning Assembly with Mrs Nicholls.


Google Meets

Reception 10am

(Log on to Google Classroom and follow link)

Google Meets

Reception 10am

(Log on to Google Classroom and follow link)

Google Meets

Reception 10am

(Log on to Google Classroom and follow link)

Facebook Live

E for Excellence Assembly


Google Meet Rules

  1. Be on time and dressed comfortably.

  1. Mute your mic

  1. Raise hand to talk 

  1. Respect and listen to each other

Contact Us

Email: to contact a member of the Reception Team. Please include your child’s name and class in the subject line. 

Phone: School office 01708 342880

Submit work

Evidence Me app: You can upload videos and photos of  your child’s work here. We will then comment and add next steps. 

Social Virtual Meets

Google Classroom: We will use this for the children for the live sessions. The stream can be used for communicating to friends. Please send work using Evidence Me, as we can then give individual feedback and comments. Please note that the stream can be seen by all of the Reception children, parents and staff. Anything published on the stream can be read by everyone. 

We encourage you to send two pieces of work which can be submitted using the  Evidence Me app. Teachers will then provide feedback, children (and adults) can ask their teachers questions. 

Examples of submitted work are pictures, drawings, writing, video clips or creative work which can be sent as a photo or video clip using the Evidence Me app. Evidence Me Parent Guide.

Daily Routine

Some of you have requested to see an example of a typical day in Reception with timings. You may wish to reflect this structure at home to help with consistency for when the children return to Reception.

Reception Daily Timetable


Child Led Play (including tidy up time and transition)

Individual reading with an adult.

(Including name writing, number formation 0-9 and three cvc words from text.)




Child Led Play (including tidy up time and transition) &

Group adult led activity


Maths (including transition, tidy up and getting ready for lunch.)




Topic (Includes daily topic story)


Child Led Play (including tidy up time and transition) &

Group adult led activity


Tidy up and transition.

Reflection of Learning (this includes show and tells, and oral storytelling.)


Story time


This page from the Twinkl website outlines what child-led play is and why it is important, see here.

Whilst child-led play is important, boundaries and clear expectations should be upheld throughout the play, ie, expectation to put toys away (in Reception, we say, “Choose it, use it, put it away”).

We encourage independent skills and managing basic hygiene and personal needs successfully. From putting on and taking off clothes, coats, shoes and socks. Making their own snacks, such as buttering toast and pouring drinks from jugs. 

Be kind to yourself! We are always here to help and support you if you need us. We understand the difficulties balancing both home learning, work and home life.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to contact us.

Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Nursery: Home Learning Friday 15th January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,

Spring 1; Week 2 Theme: The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Today’s learning includes:

  • Story

  • Activity

  • Daily Challenge

Our daily activities will reflect the adult led learning that would have taken place in nursery so it is important that your child engages with this learning in addition to child-led play. We will be responding to Evidence Me Parent Shares each week to see how your child is getting on at home.

Story: There’s an Elephant in my Fridge, with Mrs Ngenge

Here is the link to watch the story. 


The Tiger who came to Tea visited Miss Cumming to answer some of your questions!

Watch this video to see the tiger!


Tune in to the Live Tiger Webcam at Edinburgh Zoo! 

Daily Challenge

Down in the Jungle is one of Tiger’s favourite nursery rhymes. 

Tiger would love to see you singing to this song.

Here you can learn the tune and words if you are not familiar with it already.

Educational Websites

Next week's topic: Funny Bones (Our Bodies)

We understand that home learning is not the norm so take each day as it comes; if you are feeling overwhelmed at this time remember we are here to speak to. One of the best things during this time is to keep your child's usual routine for getting up, meal times and bedtime. Exercise is important for us all so wrapping up warm, getting outside in the fresh air also makes a big difference to our mental health.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please contact,

Kind regards,

The Nursery Team

Reception Home Learning Friday 15th January 2021


The Three Little Pigs.

This week our home learning will be based around the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

We have sent Google classroom logins for the children using Evidence Me. If you have not received your child’s login please email us at (Please include your child’s name and class in the subject line when emailing.)

Reception Home Learning Timetable

Please decide the best times for these to take place. However we recommend that the children only sit and work for half an hour  at a time. Younger children can find it harder to concentrate for longer periods of time. It is recommended to have breaks between the sessions.

Friday 15th January 2021

Good Morning Reception  

Join Mrs Nicholls for our E for Excellence Assembly 

@ 9:30am Facebook Live.

Days of the Week Song


(Reading and Spelling 15 minutes each)

Please record your daily reading in your reading records.

Read a book or

Click here for

Oxford Owl electronic reading books.

My Book Blog

Session 1



(Speed sound session 15 minutes)

(Word and Spelling Time & Ditty Reading  30 minutes 

Click here for RWI Online Ditty Books 

Phonics RWI

RWI Virtual School

Session 2


(30 minutes)

Link to Maths Teacher Input 

Excellent Estimating!

Watch Sesame Street Estimation Vacation

Adults show your child a small number of objects (up to 10 objects).  Explain that estimating means taking a guess at how many?  

Show your child the objects and ask them to estimate how many objects there are?  (take a guess). Adults also make an estimation  alongside their children.   Then together count out the objects to check if they were closer.

Did they estimate more or less than the number of objects?

Session 3


(30 minutes)

Watch Miss Hurrell's Topic Lesson

Reread or watch The Three Little Pigs

Act out the story. 

Can you act out the story using toys in your home or with your big people or siblings? 

Record and share your videos with us on Evidence Me. 

Session 4

End of day Story

Miss Salisbury reads 

The Three Billy Goats Gruff 

Next week’s topic story.

Session 5

Red Words Spelling Test

Click on the link below for this week’s spelling test. 

Reception Week 1 Spelling Test

Helpful Websites:

There are lots of new and updated websites providing additional online learning and support during this period of school closure if you wish to complete additional learning activities.




Phonics & Reading






Please email us at or send us a Parent Postcard using Evidence Me, if you have any queries, questions and home learning to share with us. Keep checking the Broadford More Blogs page EYFS Blog Page and Facebook page for updates. 


Best wishes

The Reception Team