Friday, 20 December 2019

Reception Awards!

The children in Reception have been working really hard, both at school and at home. We are very proud of all their achievements and below are the children who received certificates last week.

Alder Class
Reading Awards
Bookmark -Adra, Arnish, Jessica, Amelia, Mason, Jefflyn, Hope, Veer,
Silver - Tayla
Platinum - Abdul-Aziz

Resourceful- Liroshan,Toby, Veer
Star Writer- Amelia, Archie.T
E for Excellence- Ibukun, Jefflyn

Reading Awards
Bookmark- Elliot, Stanley, Blake, Darcie, Zayd, Harry, Rojure, Stefania, Grace,
Reciprocity- Lily
Reflective- Safiyyah
Resilience- George
E for Excellence- Dhriti

Reading Awards-
Bookmark- Chidera, Merlyn, Olivia, Dina, Freddie, Victoria, James
Bronze- Evie, Georgia, George, Ali, Osazemen
Silver- Hugo,

Reciprocity- Connie
Resilience- Freddie, Emmy, George
Happy Teacher- Merlyn
E for Excellence- Sophie, Teo, Billy

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Great Alder Bake Off

Today was a super exciting day for Alder Class. The children were excited to take part in their first school trip of the year. The children happily walked to Lidl in preparation for our baking and decorating biscuit session. Once we arrived at Lidl the children loved taking lift selfies and then using their shopping list to find the ingredients needed.

Each group had the responsibility of buying ingredients for the biscuits and then using the self service checkouts. Once the items were selected we payed for our goods. The children loved using the tills and paying for the items. After we bagged the ingredients up and made our way back to school.

After washing our hands, the children then worked in groups to follow the biscuit recipe. The children used their phonic skills to read the instructions and worked collaboratively to make their biscuits. Thank you to all our adult helpers who worked with the children today!

Next the biscuits were baked during lunchtime and after lunch the children decorated their biscuits. We’ve had a fantastic day full of fun and look forward to more baking next term. We hope the children thoroughly enjoyed making their biscuits today and share their adventure with you and maybe even a bite of their biscuit!

“Are we nearly there yet, look there’s Lidl.” Ollie
We need flour, sugar and butter.” Lily-Mae

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Aspen's trip to Lidl!

Yesterday Aspen class was ready for a day of shopping and baking! After talking about road safety and how we stay safe when we leave school, we headed to Lidl to buy our ingredients and decorations. The children walked very sensibly and when we arrived at lidl each group had two items on their shopping list that they had to locate and purchase. Once each group had paid for their items it was time to head back to do some baking!

When we got back to school it was time for the children to bake their biscuits! In groups the children followed a recipe to make their biscuits. There was lots of turn taking and teamwork to count out the correct number of spoons of sugar, butter and flour. They then rolled out their dough and cut out their biscuits ready to go onto a tray and bake. 

The children then went off to enjoy their lunch while the biscuits baked and cooled. After this, it was time for the fun part, decorating! The children loved icing their biscuits and covering them in chocolates and sweets! There was lots of delicious looking biscuits and lots of smiles at the end of the day when they could take their masterpieces home! We hope they enjoyed eating them as much as they enjoyed baking them! 

"I love biscuits, mine looks yummy" Harry 
"We're looking for marshmallows" Lemar 
"I can't wait to eat mine" Lily

Monday, 16 December 2019

Apple's trip to Lidl!

It has been a busy day in Apple class today! The children arrived at school ready for a day, full of biscuits. Our first job was to head to Lidl to buy the ingredients and decorations for our biscuits. After a quick talk about how we stay safe on school trips we headed out. The children walked beautifully and were very sensible throughout. At Lidl, each group had a shopping list and they had to locate these items within the shop. Once we had found them it was time to pay. Shopping list bought, it was time to head back to school to bake! 

Back at school the children worked in their groups to follow a recipe on how to make biscuits. They had to carefully count out the correct number of spoons of flour, sugar and butter. There was lots of turn taking and team work throughout. The children then rolled out their dough before cutting out the biscuits. Then it was into the oven and time for a quick clean up. 

Whilst the children had lunch the biscuits baked and cooled. The afternoon was all about decorating the biscuits. There was some masterpieces and lots of smiling faces. We hope the children enjoyed their biscuits and maybe shared some with you! 

"Wow this is the best day ever!" Elkah 
"I've been to Lidl before." Kiara 
"We need to find the sugar." Osazemen 

Monday, 9 December 2019

Reception Lidl Trips - help needed!

Reception will be going on a school trip to Lidl next week and we are in need of a few more parent volunteers to make this possible. If you are able to help on your child's trip day please speak to your class teacher. You would need to be available from 9-11am.

Apple - Monday 16th December 
Aspen - Tuesday 17th December 
Alder - Thursday 19th December

Thank you, 
The Reception Team 

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Friday, 6 December 2019

Creating Stories in Nursery

Stories have so much to offer: they develop listening and communication skills, improve concentration and memory, bring experiences alive, create a sense of wonder and help sequence events. The Nursery children have been listening to lots of stories so we decided to let them create their own this week. We have chosen pictures that might interest them such as Spiderman or Elsa and worked as a group to create a story thinking about the characters, the setting, any problems that might happen in the story and building to a story ending. The children have really enjoyed taking ownership of the stories and have created some great tales! 

Tesha "The big spider went to.. Elsa's castle, it's a frozen, cold castle!"
Sonny "And then Hulk smashed all the ice, the spider froze." 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Reception Awards 29.11.19

The children in Reception have been working really hard, both at school and at home. We are very proud of all their achievements and below are the children who received certificates last week.

Alder Class
Reading Awards
Bookmark -
Bronze - Fariha

Resilience- Roman
MDA- Ayaan
E for Excellence- Lily-Mae

Reciprocity- Elliot
Happy Teacher- Dhriti
MDA- Blake
E for Excellence- Rojure

Keep up the good work!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Reception Awards 22.11.19

The children in Reception have been working really hard, both at school and at home. We are very proud of all their achievements and below are the children who received certificates last week.

Alder Class
Reading Awards
Bookmark -
Bronze -Lili-Mae, Ibukun, Fariha, Pragya, Evie

Reflective- Ollie
Star Writer- Jefflyn, Mason
E for Excellence- Amelia

Resilience- Stanley
Happy Teacher- Lemar
E for Excellence- Darcie

Reading Awards
Bookmark- Umar, Teo, Paige
Bronze- Paige, Teo
 Happy Teacher- Freddie, Emmy

Keep up the good work!

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Wonderful Woodwork

The Reception children have learnt to use both a hammer and a screwdriver in small adult-led groups this term, as well as the safety rules of our woodwork area. The children are now beginning to apply their woodwork skills as they create their first models. 

After a recap of the safety rules, the children first sanded down any rough edges on their piece of Balsa wood. The children were then provided with a range of resources including buttons, bottle tops, corks and hammer beads along with screws and nails. Some children chose to explore the different materials and enjoyed fixing them to their piece of wood. Others had an idea in mind and used the resources to create their idea. 

Woodwork provides children with the opportunity to develop a range of skills across the curriculum. It is great for improving fine motor skills, which are crucial in becoming a writer. It also allows children to use their creative skills along with their imagination. 

As they worked the children came across many problems they needed to solve, including which tools they needed to use (there was quite a lot of trying to hammer in screws). Holding pieces in place also proved tricky and sometimes they needed a friend or adult to lend a hand. The children demonstrated high levels of concentration and engagement. As their confidence grew, the nails went in straighter, the smiles got bigger and their plans became more elaborate. We cannot wait to see how the children's woodwork skills develop over the rest of the year! 

"It's a bit like junk modelling." Teo 
"Is this a nail?" Georgia 
"This is going to take a long time using a screwdriver, so I need a hammer." Osazemen 

Malleable Monsters!

Reception have loved reading our story of the week Bedtime for Monster's this week.They have been busy creating their own monsters in play dough, with art materials and through drawing. The children have also been describing monsters and writing about what they look like. It has been a busy week! 

"My monster has got lots of eyes." Dina 
"Look how many legs he has!" Ibukun 
"My monster is crazy!" Billy 

Painting Puddles!

Reception got set to work on their upper body muscles and joints today as they explored painting the puddles outside! Children must have efficient control of the larger muscle groups in the neck, shoulder and trunk to maintain stability in order for the fingers and hands to control a pencil. So when we are playing outside, climbing, building, balancing, swinging, sweeping and painting we are developing the strength and control in these joints. As children develop, control and stability begins at the trunk, progressing to the elbow, wrist and finally the hand. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity, discussing what colours they would make if they mixed the colours together.  There was also lots of turn taking as the brooms were very popular. 

"Slither down the snake." Eesa 
"I'm good at sweeping." George 
"It's making purple!"Kemar 

Friday, 22 November 2019

Reception Awards 15.11.19

The children in Reception have been working really hard, both at school and at home. We are very proud of all their achievements and below are the children who received certificates last week.

Alder Class

Reading Awards
Bookmark - Fariha
Bronze - Abdulahad
Gold - Abdul-Aziz

Resilience- Tayla
Star Writer- Elena, Ayaan
E for Excellence- Veer

Reciprocity- Ares
Resilience- Alfie
E for Excellence- Nasrat

Reading Awards
Bookmark- George, Poppy,
Bronze- Hugo
Reciprocity- Victoria
E for Excellence- Elkah

Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Reception Parent Share

Towards the end of this term we will be sharing some observations with you, which we have made of your children since they started school. This is a great way for you to see what your child gets up to during the school day.

These observations will be sent to you via email, and to receive them you need to accept the email invitation which has been sent. You may have already done this earlier in the year or when your child was in nursery, in which case you don't need to do anything else.

If you haven't yet accepted the invitation can you please check your junk/trash inbox as they sometimes end up there. If you haven't received an invitation or you do not have an email address, please speak to your child's class teacher

Thank you for your continued support,
The Reception Team

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Nursery Stay and Play Tomorrow - Teddies Welcome!

We would like to invite parents to our Stay and Play session on Wednesday 20th of November. The focus is themed around the importance of reading and children's language skills. As our story of the week is 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' the children can also bring their favorite teddy bear to school to join in with the activities. There will be lots of fun activities for you to join in with your child. The morning session will start at 9.00 am and the afternoon session at 12.30pm. Parents with children who stay all day are welcome to attend either session.

Reception Rockets to the Moon!

Throughout last week reception were reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ which was all about a bear that uses his imagination to pretend that he is in a rocket flying to the moon. The reception children loved this idea and had the opportunity to design and make their own junk model rockets!

The children designed their rockets before building them to encourage them to think about what they are making and how they are going make it. 

The end result rockets were fit for any and all space travel! 

“I use this as the bottom bit with fire, these are the wings and this is the triangle top that makes it fly” - Harry 

“ I put those and put cello tape and made them wings and there’s fire here” - Alfie

Home Sweet Home

The Reception children have had fun  re-enacting home life experiences in our revamped home corner! The home corner is a fabulous place which supports both individual and group play. The children love spending time, stirring, filing, emptying, buttoning, trying things on and taking them off. The children have enjoyed cooking and baking in the home corner and pretending to make meals for each other and feeding our dolls. 

By providing a setting for role play, the home corner allows children to make sense of their immediate world. Children have numerous opportunities to work together, express their feelings, and use language to communicate, responding to one another’s needs and requests.The children play with their friends, acting out familiar roles such as mums, dads and babies. As well as re-enacting events such as going to the dentist, talking on the phone and ordering take-away food.

 “I’m making spaghetti bolognese.” Mason. 
 “I’m writing my name.” Ollie.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Reception Awards 8.11.19

The children in Reception have been working really hard, both at school and at home. We are very proud of all their achievements and below are the children who received certificates last week.

Alder Class
Reading Awards
Bookmark -Roman, Ayaan, Tayla
Bronze -Ayaan, Lily-Mae, Tayla, Noah, Elena
Silver -Noah, Elena

Resilience- Abdulahad, Adra
Star Writer- Evie, Pragya

Reading Awards
Bookmark- Joshua
Resourceful- Stefania
Happy Teacher- Harry
E for Excellence- Jack

Reading Awards
Bronze- Sophie
Silver- Eason
Resilience- Olivia
Happy Teacher- James
E for Excellence- Teddy