Thursday, 5 January 2017

Broadford Bakery is Open!

The Broadford Bakery opened it's doors this week and it has been a very busy place. The children have been baking a wide range of delicious treats including gingerbread men and cupcakes. The role play area is an ideal place for children to develop their communication and language skills and they have demonstrated some great reciprocity as they have worked together in their play. The aprons have proven a little tricky to tie up on your own and the reception children have been quick to help a friend.

"We are making cupcakes" said Indianna as she lined up the cupcake cases "would you like some?" Nicole took her play a step further when she decided to write a recipe for her cake. She applied her phonics knowledge as she wrote a list of ingredients. "Quick we need a timer otherwise we might burn the cakes!" exclaimed Ruby as the children put on a batch to bake. 

The bakery has linked nicely with our topic book of the week The Gingerbread Man. Next week we move on to The Little Red Hen and the children will have the opportunity to bake some real bread in groups. 

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