Friday, 14 September 2018

Reception's First Week of School!

It has been an exciting week with Reception at Broadford! We have had a wonderful first week of school, meeting our new friends and our new teachers.

This week we have learnt the rules and expectations of our new setting, whilst getting familiarised with all of the amazing resources that we have available to play with!

The children have been exploring all the different parts of our provision, making play-dough pizzas, seeing "real science" in action and performing sell-out shows.

Miraz: "I think I lost a hair tie because it's not tied up anymore."
Ryan: "I am doing a show."

The children have been learning about how to lead their own learning, choosing where to play and taking responsibility for tidying up after themselves.

Lucas: "Look how big this tunnel is! The tractors are going through!"

We have been doing team-building activities, teaching the children the importance of kind hands and kind feet.

Karimah: "Look! It's like real science!"

We are looking forward to the year ahead.

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  1. My grandson Eddie is in Apple Class and has had a great week! Thanks so much to all the staff for making this a wonderful experience for him. The transition from Nursery to Reception is going well 🤗🤗🤗