Wednesday, 10 April 2019

The Great British Worm Hunt

Following our enjoyment of Julia Donaldson's 'Superworm', Reception have been engaging in our very own Great British Worm Hunt. We have been investigating our immediate environments to observe worms in their natural habitats. 

We have discovered the dampest, darkest corners of our outdoor area, uncovering rocks, tiles and logs in our quest to find worms. We noticed that the worms like to fester underneath things where the soil is damp and therefore easier for them to make their little worm paths.

We enjoyed discussing our observations, commenting on the appearance and movements of the wriggly, wiggly worms. 

Abdulkarim: "It's all wiggly!"
Dominic: "A wriggly worm!"
Eric: "It is superworm!"

Scarlett: " I am scared of worms. Actually, I love them."
Vanessa: "I like to hold them."
Ruta: "I am not scared of worms."

Alex: "Look, there is a pink one!"
Eleni: "And a black one!"
Ali: "A big, fat, purple one!

We can't wait to continue learning about the world around us when we come back from our Easter holidays. 

Hip, hip hooray for Superworm! 

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