Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Reception Stay & Play 2020

Hello and a big warm welcome to Reception. We are so excited to meet you all at your stay and play session this week either Thursday 10th or Friday 11th September.

(L-R Miss Hurrell, Mrs Gradley & Mrs Hathaway)

We will be inviting you to come and have fun and play games with us in your new class. Due to Covid guidance, we will be asking all parents and carers to remain in our EYFS outdoor area during the stay and play session. Your child or children will be able to play outside with you. However we are unable to invite parents and carers into the classroom,  if your child or children chose to play inside.

Entering and Exiting Reception 


Reception children will be arriving through the side door and walking down the slope to their classrooms.

The Reception children can then be taken directly to their classroom door ready to start their session full of fun and learning whilst their adult waits in the outdoor area. 

Apple class with Miss Hurrell

Aspen class with Mrs Gradley 

Alder class with Mrs Hathaway 


Please exit the area using the steps on the left hand side of the slope after your session. Access will also be provided using the slope for those who need it.

Any questions please email us using the EYFS shared mailbox: eyfs@broadford.havering.sch.uk

We can’t wait to meet you all!

The Reception Team

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