Sunday, 15 April 2018

Reception Star Readers!

Congratulations to all our star readers this week! 

In Alder Class Starla Olley has achieved both her bookmark an Bronze award for reading over 25 books. Great work Starla! Well done to Shivangi Zala  for receiving her Platinum award for reading 150 books.

In Aspen Class Janiyah Cousins has achieved her bookmark for reading over 10 books! Well done to Frankie who has achieved his silver reading award and book token for reading over 50 books whilst also completing his learning challenge! 

In Apple Class Lidia Catlin and Isaac Gilmour-Woodstock have read 75 books receiving a book of their choice. Summer Carruth and Tele Onabajo has enow reached 150 books and received their platinum star reader trophys. 

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