Thursday, 7 June 2018

Who’s been in my classroom?

The Reception children returned to their classroom after lunch to find there had been a visitor and the visitor had left lots of mess and some clues. The children put on their detective caps and searched the room for clues. They found a wide range of clues including purple prickles, a large footprint, terrible claws, acorns, knobbly knees, sticks and knocked over furniture. Can you guess who it was? 

The children quickly put their heads together and decided it was the Gruffalo! It turns out this is one of the children’s favourite books and they were already very familiar with it. The children all joined in with the repeated refrains in the story. “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!”

This has set us up for an exciting week of tracking the Gruffalo, retelling the story, making wanted posters and designing our own monsters. 

“That’s a large footprint.” Millie 
“It’s another clue, terrible claws!” Summer 
“Look acorns and cookers!” Harry 
“It could have been Big Foot, but now I think it’s the Gruffalo.” Isaac 

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