Thursday, 28 November 2019

Painting Puddles!

Reception got set to work on their upper body muscles and joints today as they explored painting the puddles outside! Children must have efficient control of the larger muscle groups in the neck, shoulder and trunk to maintain stability in order for the fingers and hands to control a pencil. So when we are playing outside, climbing, building, balancing, swinging, sweeping and painting we are developing the strength and control in these joints. As children develop, control and stability begins at the trunk, progressing to the elbow, wrist and finally the hand. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity, discussing what colours they would make if they mixed the colours together.  There was also lots of turn taking as the brooms were very popular. 

"Slither down the snake." Eesa 
"I'm good at sweeping." George 
"It's making purple!"Kemar 

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