Thursday, 28 November 2019

Wonderful Woodwork

The Reception children have learnt to use both a hammer and a screwdriver in small adult-led groups this term, as well as the safety rules of our woodwork area. The children are now beginning to apply their woodwork skills as they create their first models. 

After a recap of the safety rules, the children first sanded down any rough edges on their piece of Balsa wood. The children were then provided with a range of resources including buttons, bottle tops, corks and hammer beads along with screws and nails. Some children chose to explore the different materials and enjoyed fixing them to their piece of wood. Others had an idea in mind and used the resources to create their idea. 

Woodwork provides children with the opportunity to develop a range of skills across the curriculum. It is great for improving fine motor skills, which are crucial in becoming a writer. It also allows children to use their creative skills along with their imagination. 

As they worked the children came across many problems they needed to solve, including which tools they needed to use (there was quite a lot of trying to hammer in screws). Holding pieces in place also proved tricky and sometimes they needed a friend or adult to lend a hand. The children demonstrated high levels of concentration and engagement. As their confidence grew, the nails went in straighter, the smiles got bigger and their plans became more elaborate. We cannot wait to see how the children's woodwork skills develop over the rest of the year! 

"It's a bit like junk modelling." Teo 
"Is this a nail?" Georgia 
"This is going to take a long time using a screwdriver, so I need a hammer." Osazemen 

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