Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Reception's Bakery is Open!

The Reception children returned after the holidays to find a new Bakery role play area. They were quick to explore, putting on their aprons and chef hats. The children have been busy baking up a storm including biscuits, cakes and bread along with an odd creation or two! 

The children have been using their experiences in the kitchen and of baking to inspire their play as they reminded each other to wash their hands and to "be careful the oven is hot."  The children baked biscuits twice last term and are familiar with the biscuit recipe cards, they have been following these instructions within their play. Perfect, because we are baking our very own Gingerbread Men later in the week! 

They have shown great reciprocity as they have baked together and it has been a fantastic to see the communication that has been going on. Role play provides the children an opportunity to use their imagination as well as to draw on their experiences to act out narratives with their friends. 

"Be careful the oven is hot!" Megan 
"I need eight spoons of flour" Aisha 
"Lets make gingerbread men, there's the cutter." Oliver 

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