Thursday, 6 February 2020

Brilliant Bridges in Reception!

This week in Reception we have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In the story the billy goats cross the bridge to eat the sweet green grass on the other side of the river, but first they have to get past the troll who lives underneath. 

We have been looking at different types of bridges and this week we have been building our own. First we thought about who the bridge is for and what materials we might needed. Some children chose to team up and build their bridge together other children chose to work independently. There was a wide variety of materials used from large blocks outside, small blocks inside, card, play dough, sticks, foam nuggets and cocktail sticks. 

There was lots of problem solving and thinking to be done and the final bridge creations were pretty impressive. I am sure there will be lots more bridges built this week! 

"My mum is going to cross my bridge but she needs to hold on, its wobbly." Georgia 
"My bridge is for cars to cross the deep river." 
"There is a carp ark at the end of my bridge." Kemar 

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