Monday, 14 May 2018

Aspen Wanderers

Today Aspen class went on their first school trip to Central Park and the farm at Mead Primary School! We were all very excited to take our picnics and have a wonderful day out together.

We walked down to the park, with the help of our parent volunteers and the children listened very carefully to all the instructions for crossing the road safely and sensibly. At the park we had a lovely picnic before heading over to Mead to visit the farm!

We were so excited to see all of the animals! There were goats, ponies, chickens, geese, rabbits and even some eggs! We observed the animals and got to have a pat and a stroke.

Thomas: "The chickens have legs just like us! Their feet even look like shoes!"
Charlie: "It is such a lucky day!"

A big thank you to all of our parent volunteers today who helped make the day run so smoothly!

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