Monday, 14 May 2018

Nursery Newsletter 14.5.18

Dear Parent/Carer,

The children had a great day at Barleylands on Thursday. They were able to experience a very bumpy tractor ride, visit the animals, feed the goats, stroke a snake and make some delicious bread rolls! A big thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came to help, the day would not have been possible without your support. Look out for photos from the visit later today. 

In small groups the children will be able to use photo prompts to talk about their day and we will continue to have a small world farm available to reinforce vocabulary. 

As you are all aware Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married on Saturday 19th May at Windsor Castle. We are celebrating in school by wearing wedding headwear on Friday. Veils, top hats, tiaras, bowler hats & fascinators the bigger and brighter the better! It doesn't matter if they are home made or handed down from grandparents, we are looking forward to seeing all the pupils Royal wedding ready. The children will help to make scones that we can enjoy at our afternoon tea parties on Friday.

If you have any of your own wedding photos you would like to share with us to  please send them in to This would be a great way to support the children's discussion.

There school will be closed for pupils on the following days this half term.
25th May 
29th June

Mark Making/Creative
The children have large peacock feathers they can use to create their own painting pictures.

The children will be encouraged to add the right number of beads to the end of magic star wands. This will involve recognising numbers and counting accurately.

In their weekly PE lessons the children are using soft balls of different sizes to develop throwing and catching skills.

Communication and Language
Encouraging children to use simple sentences correctly.
Encouraging children to hold a conversation and respond to comments.

Understanding of the World
The children have been observing how our tadpoles have changed over the last few weeks. They are definitely growing and some have very thick tails yet. We are hoping we might see some legs appear soon!
The children will of course be celebrating the royal wedding which will allow lots of discussion about traditions and where we live.

In the home corner we will be giving the children opportunities to re-enact
experiences and talk about their home lives.

Personal and Social Development
We have been playing lots of simple board games with the children over the pass few weeks. This helps to develop turn taking skills and other social skills.
This week we are introducing castle and knights snap.

Kind regards,
The Nursery Team

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