Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Buried Treasure!

Reception have been busy this week making their own treasure maps using the age old tradition of tea bags to make them look old! First they started by drawing their maps, and marking where the treasure was hidden with and ‘X marks the spot’. They also labelled some key features and some children even included a compass. Next they screwed up their maps carefully, there was a few shocked faces at this part. Finally they painted the crumpled maps with tea bags to give them that old weathered affect. The results were pretty impressive.

As the children made their maps there was much discussion over what features were on their desert islands and the route you needed to take to successfully rescue the treasure. Let’s hope these maps stay hidden from the rouge pirates that kidnapped the class bears on Monday! 

“I’ve drawn a cave here, you have to creep through it.” Maysa 
“Past the trees and over the river.” Varvara 
“These tea bags make it look really old and wrinkly!” Olivia 

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