Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Fine Motor Football!

Reception have been putting their fine motor skills to the test this week as they played finger football. The game took a lot of control and communication between team mates. Strengthening the fine motor muscles in our fingers and hands is crucial to being able to hold a pencil correctly and to form letters and write. It is amazing to see how much this has developed in everyone since September. As the children played there was lots of discussion about the world cup. They also discussed which team they were on, which player they wanted to be as well as keeping track of the scores. It will be of no surprise that everyone wanted to play for England, and that we won every game!

“Goal! I scored again! We beat Sweden at the weekend.” Lucas 
“This is really tricky.” Ellie-Jane 
“I played football with my cousins on Sunday, I won!” Finley 

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