Monday, 16 July 2018

Reception Newsletter 16.07.18

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Term: Summer 2                     Date: 16.07.18

Dear Parents,

This week the children will be reading ‘Sally and the Limpet’ and carrying out various related seaside activities.

We look forward to seeing you at the picnic tomorrow -
Tuesday 17th July at 12-1pm.
This is an opportunity for us to draw the Reception Year to a close. Please remember to bring your picnic lunch.

We hope you and your children have enjoyed their first year at school as much as we have and we look forward to watching them progress through Broadford Primary School.  Have a lovely Summer break!
Dates for your diary
     The school will be closed on the following days for pupils:
      INSET Days (Non Pupil Days)
      Friday 20th July

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address   is
      Kind regards              

     The Reception Team

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