Friday, 8 November 2019

Reception Toast Marshmallows!

Reception enjoyed spending the afternoon toasting marshmallows and singing songs around  a campfire, so if you noticed your child smelling a little smokey this is why! Toasting marshmallows and singing songs around a campfire is one of the 48 experiences your child will enjoy during their time at Broadford.

Before we headed down to the campfire, each class discussed all the ways that we should be safe around the fire. This included listening to instructions, walking and remaining seated until a teacher tells them it’s their turn.

The children loved toasting their marshmallows and singing songs. There were lots of sticky fingers and faces!

    “Campfire’s burning, campfire’s burning, 
draw nearer, draw nearer, 
In the glowing, in the glowing, 
come sing and be merry”

“It’s so sticky!” Jack 
“Look how much smoke!” Sophie 
“They taste yummy” Ava

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