Thursday, 7 February 2019

Baking Bread in Reception!

This week the Reception children have been reading and retelling The Little Red Hen. In the story the Little Red asks the other animals to help her bake bread right from the beginning by growing the corn. At all of the stages the animals say they will not help. The children were shocked by this and quickly pointed out this wasn't very kind. It also sparked some fantastic discussions over whether the Little Red Hen should have shared her bread at the end of the story.


"She should have shared her bread, it is kind to share." Niamh  
"Well the animals didn't help her when she asked and now they want to help eat it!" Darci 

The children demonstrated a lot more reciprocity than the animals in the story as they set to baking bread rolls in small groups. Before we started we read our new recipe book using our phonics knowledge and then of course we washed our hands. 

The children have become a lot more confident and proficient at baking as the year has gone on. The adults stepped back as much as possible as the children followed the step by step instructions. The children thought that the yeast smelled a bit funny and Lily also commented that "it looks a bit like breadcrumbs!". Once we had made our dough it was time to knead it. This was a great workout for our fingers and we all did a great job as our bread rose beautifully. The Reception classrooms also smelt pretty great as the bread baked! 

"I'm covered in flour!" Charleigh 

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