Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Malleable work for malleable hands

In Reception this week we have been exploring the properties of different malleable materials.

We are now able to make our play-dough ourselves, following the instructions to balance the recipe, mix it all up and then colour it to support our play. 

Rosie: "Look at the birthday cake!"

We have been making birthday cakes out of play-dough to celebrate our friends' birthdays!

Happy Birthday Macie and Callum! 

Amber: "Look how much spaghetti I've got!"
Liam: "It's so slippery!"

Thinking about Chinese New Year, we have been playing with big noodles of spaghetti, mixing it up with our hands and practising using knives and forks! 

We try and do different fine motor activities all the time to keep our finger and hand muscles working so that we have strong hands to help our writing develop. 

We even built our own Chinese cafe in the loose parts area and practised using chopsticks! 

Princess Aniyah: "It's so hard!"
Eric: "Chopsticks are yummy!"

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