Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Who's been visiting Reception and left a big mess?

It is likely that you have heard about the events of Tuesday lunchtime already! The Reception children and staff were quite busy eating their lunch and playing outside whilst some mysterious person was making a big old mess in the three Reception classrooms! 

The children returned from lunch to find not only had there been a visitor, they had left a mess and they most definitely had not being looking after the children's resources. The visitor had carelessly left behind a lots of clues and evidence and the children set about to solve the mystery. 

Thinking about the clues they could see, the children shared these ideas wth their friends as well as the other classes. 

"There are footprints all over, but they are child size." Alex 
"Look a pink ribbon!" Maxi 
"There are three chairs and three bowls and a lot of mess." Ma
"They've been in all three classrooms!" Peter 

We put all of the clues and evidence together and thought about who might be behind it all. There were lots of guesses including the Gruffalo, witches, a troll, spiders and even ants. Aspen thought that perhaps the builders were behind all of the mess! After a lot of thinking and teamwork, we figured it out! It was Goldilocks!

"It was the builders. They brought their mess from outside inside!" Vanessa 
"Cheeky Monkey doesn't have shoes." Lexi 
"I'm not sure ants can turn over tables." Miss Poulter 

Whilst the children were busy investigating lots of children decided to write a lists of the clues, applying their phonics knowledge. This exciting hook will inspire the letters to Goldilocks and the wanted posters that we will write later in the week! 

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