Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Obstacle Fun in Reception!

This week the Reception children have been talking about how they can keep their bodies healthy. We have discussed eating healthy and balanced diets, drinking lots of water, washing our hands, getting lots of sleep, managing risks and doing exercise. 

We decided to get our hearts racing and thought setting up an obstacle course in the sunshine would be a great way to do so. The children decided on the obstacles and all took turns to complete the course. There was lots of cheering, balancing, hopping, weaving and jumping. The children talked about what had happened to their bodies after they had finished. Later  in the afternoon the children decided to race against each other as well as timing themselves using a stopwatch. 

"My heart is beating faster." Karimah 
"The stepping stones are tricky. The floor is lava, don't stand on it!" Princess-Aniyah 
"George was the fastest, he got 21." Oliver 

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