Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Reception Blow Bubbles!

The Reception children were lucky enough to have their very own Science Show this week for Science week. Currently the children do not attend assemblies, so sitting in the hall with the whole year group is still very new. Before we left for the hall, we discussed how we behave and sit in an the hall. 

The children sat and listened well and there was only a bit of kneeling up when the show got really exciting! The children learnt about all about bubbles. Bubbles are made up like a sandwich and consist of a layer of soap, then water and then soap. The children also found out that no matter what shape the bubble wand is, if you blow a bubble it is always in the shape of a sphere. 

Highlights off the show definitely included seeing Anushri, Oliver and Miss Hines inside giant bubbles. As well as the bubbles being set on fire - do not try this at home! 

"Anushri's in the bubble, its so big!" Asher 
"Bubbles always look like spheres." Mahdi 
"I love blowing bubbles." Lillie 

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