Sunday, 17 May 2020

Nursery Home Learning Week 7

Good morning Nursery,
Welcome to Week 5 of the Summer term.

As you will have heard, the government has talked about the planned reopening of schools on June 1st for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, if it is safe to do so. It is your choice as to whether you send your child back to school at this particular time. Rest assured there will be no fines if you choose to keep your child at home and we will continue to provide support with home learning.

Please see Mr McLucas’ blog for more information and follow the link below to fill out the form attached to it. It is important that we know whether your child will attend, so that we can plan for reopening. Please also pass this message on to other families who may not have seen the blog.

Next week’s Storytelling Challenge 
Please watch the video and share your story ideas.

You could change parts if your child has a good idea for a solution or problem! Try to follow the structure of Character, Setting, Problem and Solution.

Lots of parents have asked about this. Not all children will be ready to sit and learn sounds and this is absolutely fine. If that is the case you should continue to focus on talking skills, joining in with stories, finding words that rhyme, listening to sounds they can hear in the environment e.g. cars, birds, bikes, planes (click here for a more structured to a listening activity). However we do feel it is important to give advise so learning is consistent. We would really recommend using the Ruth Miskin website and videos for support with this. Start from Wednesday as the first sound will be re-introduced then. We would not advise starting to learn Set 2 sounds right now, even if you have learnt lots of Set 1. If you feel your child needs more challenge or support email us at and we can give you personalised advise.


You can play a lady bird counting game following the link here. The level of challenge can be changed.
Ladybird Learning-to-Count Craft - The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Can you make your own cardboard lady bird to help you count? You could paint a paper plate red and either gather some small items to be your counters e.g. bottle tops or make some cardboard spots! If you draw a line down the middle you can match your grown ups spots to see how carefully you can count. You could also make some number cards to try and count out that many counters. If you are getting really good your grown up could challenge you to add some more, take some away and work out how many you have left.

Physical Challenge

Fine Motor Challenge 
To support children to learn to write and hold their pencils it is really important to develop their finger muscles. Try this fun activity to support this. We would recommend starting with the larger items you can roll like the cellotape roll to give the children a sense of achievement before moving on to the more tricky smaller items.

Germs Experiment Using Pepper And Soap

This experiment is a great way to explain to children the importance of washing our hands.

You will need:
A small bowl of water
Ground black pepper
A small bowl of soap

What to do:
Sprinkle pepper into the bowl of water
Explain to your child that the pepper represents germs like viruses that can make us sick
Ask children to place one finger in the ‘germs’ and ask them what happened. They will probably recognize that germs got stuck on them!
Then have them put a clean finger in the soap and swirl it around until it covers the end of their finger
Have them put the soapy finger in the ‘germs’
The ‘germs’ should be repelled by the soap and should quickly move away from your child’s finger

Create your own musical instrument
Last week Tesha created a guitar using an empty box, empty gift wrapper roll, rubber band and a pen. Strumming the strings of the guitar Tesha was able to create music. Would you like to have a go at creating your own instrument?

This week, Christians will be celebrating Ascension Day and Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan. Both celebrations encourage acts of kindness and the practising of gratitude. You don't have to be Christian or Muslim to do these; what kind thing could you do this week for somebody? Even during these difficult times, what are you thankful for? Please share through EvidenceMe and the Early Years mailbox We look forward to hearing what you think of and what you do.

A card for your Nursery friends
Speaking to the parents and children this week lots of you have been making cards for family members and grandparents. You can use colouring pencils, paint, glitter and any other materials you have available at home. We thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a go at making cards for your friends in the Nursery. Share your pictures through the EvidenceMe app or through the Early Years mailbox and we will add them to the blog for your friends to see.

Have a lovely week,
The Nursery Team

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