Monday, 18 May 2020

Space Themed Challenge

You could create a space rocket! You can add numbers or letters to support learning. If Adam is less keen to write lower case he could trace over your letter maybe? Or start with putting letters you have written in to order for the rocket. 

This might be a next project to occupy Adam. I've attached some images below he could try to draw or he could colour in. He could add it to his space board or create a new one! 

You could make a flying saucer if you have any plastic bowls or even cardboard work. He could make a playdough alien to steer his ship around the world. A great song to learn with this is 10 little men in a flying saucer. It will support with speaking and counting. I've attached a link. 

Adam needs encouragment in Nursery to try new textures however he enjoyed an activity similar to this. You add a little paint to your shaving foam and paint on to the cardboard to create the earth. 

You don't need to try all of these, you could show the pictures and see what he would like to try. There are also bits he could join in with on the general Nursery blog. I think the maths he would enjoy especially the IT game. The science experient related to germs he would probably enjoy watching and playing with too. 

Have a lovely week, stay in touch. 

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