Monday, 18 May 2020

Reception Home Learning Week 7

Good morning Reception!

It has been lovely speaking to you all on the phone and fantastic to hear how well you are all getting on. We hope you had a lovely weekend and ready for another week of learning!

As you will have heard, the government has talked about the planned reopening of schools on June 1st for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, if it is safe to do so. It is your choice as to whether you send your child back to school at this particular time. Rest assured there will be no fines if you choose to keep your child at home and we will continue to provide support with home learning.

Please see Mr McLucas’ blog for more information and follow the link below to fill out the form attached to it. It is important that we know whether your child will attend, so that we can plan for reopening. Please also pass this message on to other families who may not have seen the blog.

Videos needed!

We would like to make a little video of the children and staff in Reception, to put a smile on to everyone's face. It will also be a nice way to see all our friends we are missing! This video will be shared on Facebook and the school blog once finished, so only send in a video if you are happy for it to be shared.

If you want to take part you need to:
  • Email a short video of your child dancing, waving or jumping (no more than 5 seconds) to by Monday 25th May.
  • The video should be LANDSCAPE.
  • Do not worry about sound or saying anything as we will put a song over the top of it. 
  • It is important that videos are landscape so no one loses their head when videos are edited together. 
  • You can send it by Evidence Me if this is easier than email. 
  • Please spread the word we would like as many children in this video as possible.

Here’s what we’ve got planned this week…..

Keep a diary for a week or from Monday to Friday. You could fold some paper into a mini book. Each day, discuss what you have done and let your child choose something they want to write about. Remember to plan the sentence first out loud and then let them have a go at writing it down. You might want to draw a picture to illustrate each day.

Don’t forget your finger spaces between words and remember to use the sound mat to help with letter formation.

Click here to use the Sound Mat


  • Choose your favourite number. See if you can represent it in different ways (tally marks, ten frame, dots, bricks..…). Can you investigate different addition and subtraction number problems that equal your number? Here is an example, you could draw yours, take photos, make using objects, get creative! 

  • Here are a selection of number sentences, your challenge is to sort them out into number sentences that are true and false. Can your child prove why? Can they explain how they know? Encourage them to use concrete objects (pasta, lego, buttons) to prove it, and to use their words to explain why. You could write your own problems or use these ones. 

White Rose Maths

This week’s Maths is based around the book Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We have read this story at school recently so the children should be familiar with it, if you want a refresher though watch the below video. 

Take a look at the activities, choose the ones you would like to do and let us know how you get on.

Other Activities

  • Collect natural objects (stones, daisies, sticks…) whilst on a walk or playing outside. Can you use them to spell your name? 

  • Play higher and lower using a pack of cards. You could explain the value of the picture cards or remove these from the card deck.

  • Plant a seed, care for it and watch it grow. Sunflowers, beans and cress all grow relatively quickly, so are good for discussing what is happening and looking at changes. They can also be grown in a pot. 


This week our spellings are all green words, remember to think about whether there is a ‘special friend’ in the word. Keep practising the other words you might have found tricky so you can use these in your writing.

Practice writing these spelling everyday, ready for the test on Fridays. One of your teachers will read out these spellings in a video for you to have a go at home. You can find the test on the Facebook page or through the blog on the school website. Good luck!


RWI Phonics 

Joining in daily with the speed sound lessons, is one of our top recommendations to add into your daily timetable during lockdown. Remember you can find them on Youtube or Facebook.

If your child has been joining in with the set 2 speed sounds lessons daily, you may have noticed that the lessons are beginning to repeat themselves (and may have an earlier date on them). This is because all of the set 2 sounds have been taught. Please keep going with these videos daily, the children will need to revisit the sounds to embed them. This will allow them to apply them when reading and writing. If you feel your child is very confident with these set two sounds, please drop us an email and we will advise you on whether you should move onto set 3.

RWI parents advice and resources:


Every day at school we do 5-a-day to get us moving and ready for the day ahead. We have managed to get a login for you to use at home. These are five minute dance routines that have a fun theme, your child will definitely have a favourite or two. Use as a break between activities, switch it in to replace PE with Joe or cosmic yoga. There are also Time-2-Chill routines if you need a calm moment or two. 



Teach Your Monster to Read -

Oxford Owls Books

Please keep us updated on how you are getting on at home by emailing

Do not forget about all of the online resources including Phonics Play, Oxford Owls, Topmarks and Literacy Planet. Any questions please contact us and if you discover any great resources please share them with us.

Keep safe and keep smiling,
The Reception Team

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