Sunday, 12 July 2020

Nursery Home Learning Week 14

Good Morning Nursery,

As strange as it seems after this year was cut short you will soon be going to Reception and it is the end of our Nursery year! We have loved teaching you this year in Nursery but know you will all have a brilliant time in Reception.

Reception is lots of fun and you find lots of the things you enjoying playing with in your Reception classes (In Broadford and other schools). Parents make sure you read the transition information and show your child any pictures or videos available, they might be a little nervous but we want to show them how exciting it will be! We can't wait to hear how well they all do next year! Thank you for all of your support this year, we really do appreciate it.

If you haven't already you will have a call from your Nursery teachers to say goodbye and a call from your new class teacher to introduce themselves this week. It will likely be from an unknown number so keep an eye out!

Dinosaur Roar
This is a great dinosaur story and a great chance to learn some Makaton signs! What signs can you remember?

Can you squiggle a dinosaur? Remember there's no right or wrong in art, if yours doesn't look exactly like this that's fine! You might prefer to  free draw or paint your own dinosaur, you can use these images to help if you do!

Purple Mash (a software we use in school) is offering free access to parents during the school closures. Try signing up; Once you have signed up, you can access Mini Mash, click on the purple door. Click on the map for Simple City.

Purple Mash also has some good Maths games.

Design and Make 
Can you use any junk modelling you have at home to make something? E.g. a model rocket or boat? Or a robot? How will you join the different parts of your model together?

Before children start to read they need to hear the initial sounds in words. Pick a target sound (start with m, a, s, d, t) for example 's' and make up a story with lots of words containing that sound e.g. 'One day Sam went to the sandy beach. He jumped in the sea and saw a sea snake! The snake slithered towards Sam.'
We will post some example sound stories on Evidence Me. You can encorporate this into every day life e.g. put on your shhhhh- oe, pick up your c-c-coat. Make sure you use the sound the letter makes not the letter name.

To support listening skills children need to tell the difference between different sounds. Click here for a fun game to support this. Encourage children to have a quiet moment during the day and listen out for sounds you can here; pets, traffic, voices, people walking past, aeroplanes. Grown ups can enjoy a peaceful moment too!

Help your child to draw a hopscotch course with chalk on cement. You can make the course as long as you like, but it usually has about 8 or 10 squares. Draw a set of single and double squares - like a ladder, but with extra bits. Write a number on each square of the course.

Gently toss a stone or beanbag onto the first square and hop over it. Keep hopping to the end of the course. When there’s a pair of squares you can jump instead of hop. Try to land with a foot in each square.

At the end of the course turn around and hop and jump back again. Don’t forget to stop and pick up the stone along the way.

Have a look at Purple Mash mentioned above for some nice Maths activities you can continue with over the Summer.

Physical Skills
Over the Summer and next week practice getting dressed and undressed. Try and learn to do buttons and zips by yourself all ready for next year! Another good skill to master is making sure you can use your knife and fork by yourself properly!
Make sure you do lots of drawing, you can practice making shapes (straight lines, curved lines, zig-zags

If you need a little bit of practice on your fine motor skills and are having trouble holding that pencil, grab your playdough and join in with daily dough disco on:

Follow the link to make your own sweet dreams biscuits:

Tales Toolskit and Stories
This is our Tales Toolkit Challenge this week:

We will publish our stories in a seperate blog later in the week so you have a few to listen to over the Summer.

Unfortunately we won't be able to gather and celebrate moving on to Reception this year but if you would like to you can make your own graduation hat! It can be of any design! Send us a picture and we will put the children's photos in to a collage you can keep.

Here is a story to share over the holidays about First Days and what an adventure they can be!

The Nursery Team

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