Monday, 6 July 2020

Reception Home Learning Week 13

Good morning Reception!

Another week has flown by, we love seeing what you are all up to so please keep your photos coming. We are beginning to think about transition to year one, and although a little different this year, there will still be lots going on!

Have a conversation with your child about year one, how are they feeling? Do they understand what will happen after the holidays? Is there any questions they have about year one? The year one teachers will be making some videos to answer the children's questions about year one. If your child has a question, please fill it out on the form below. The videos of answers will be shared before the end of term.

Reports will be sent home on Wednesday 8th July by email. Please bare with us on Wednesday as the email boxes will be very busy all day ensuring reports are sent out to all pupils. On Friday 10th July next years classes and teachers will be released, along with an opportunity to share information with your new teacher. Looking forward we will also be sharing videos of the year one teachers reading stories and they will be phoning you all to introduce themselves before the end of term!

More detailed information about upcoming transition and end of year activities can be found in this blog.

Here’s what else we’ve got planned this week…..

Virtual Sports Week

It’s Virtual Sports Week this week! Sports day is usually one of the highlights of the summer term, and although it can not happen in the same way, we still want to make it an event. So dust off your trainers and get involved at home or outside!

You will only need a few household items and you’ll be able to join in on the sports week fun wherever you are. There will be activities posted each day that don’t require lots of space or equipment

There will be 2 activities published each day on the school blog and facebook page with video guides. To make sure you are ready, here is a list of equipment you will need (if you don't have the exact same thing then use your imagination!):

Day 1: markers (can be literally anything), tape measure or a ruler

Day 2: marker, a target (bucket, large saucepan, washing up basin, etc), throwables (small beanbags, balled up socks, or anything throwable that doesn't bounce much), your sprint track from the first event, a spoon (big enough to hold an egg), a hard-boiled egg (or small ball).

Day 3: random objects to make an assault course, sprint track from first event, sacks (pillowcase, bin bag).

Day 4: space to dance, a music player, 4 markers, timer

Day 5: sprint track from first event, a stick (short broom, cricket bat etc).

Make sure you send us photographs of you joining in and having fun, along with your score card at the end of the week!


This weeks writing task is to imagine that you had a pet dinosaur. Can you draw and then write some sentences describing your dinosaur.

What would you name it? What would you like to do with your pet dinosaur? Would you take it for walks?

Your task is to draw and write about your pet dinosaur!

Don’t forget your finger spaces between words and remember to use the sound mat to help with letter formation.

Click here to use the Sound Mat


This week's maths focus is addition and subtraction using a number line. A number line is just that – a straight, horizontal line with numbers placed at even increments along the length. It’s not a ruler, so the space between each number doesn’t matter, but the numbers included on the line determine how it’s meant to be used.

Children may be given a number line marked 0 - 10 or 0 - 20. A child might be given the following question:

7 + 2 =

They will be shown how to put their finger on the 7 and then count on 2 until they get to 9. This makes the idea of a number increasing very visual for them.

You may want to get creative to make your own number line and give your child questions to work out. Some fun ways to make a number line would be to do it outside with chalk, on a wall with post-it notes, or printing a number line and making a dice to create number sentences.

White Rose Maths

This week’s Maths is based around the book The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet. You can listen to the story here.

Take a look at the activities, choose the ones you would like to do and let us know how you get on.

Hit the Button
Hit the Button is an online Maths game, you can use it to practise doubling and halving. You can also select the number bond option to work on your addition skills. A few of the children have enjoyed using it in school this week.

Other Activities

  • Get crafty and make the solar system using things you have at home! Research the solar system and see if you can make any of the planets. You could use aluminium foil, paper plates, paint, pieces of fruit or even do some paper mache.

  • Research your favourite dinosaur and write some facts about it!


This week our spellings are a mixture of green and red words, remember to think about whether there is a ‘special friend’ or tricky part in the word. Keep practising the other words you might have found tricky so you can use these in your writing.

Practice writing these spelling everyday, ready for the test on Fridays. One of your teachers will read out these spellings in a video for you to have a go at home. You can find the test on the Facebook page or through the blog on the school website. Good luck!



We know it is tricky to read everyday, and you may be growing a little tired of your books at home. However it is important to try and keep reading regularly. Oxford Owls has lots of online books of varying levels to read. You should also continue to share stories together, if you’re running out of books Youtube is full of storybooks and CBeebies also has a lot of stories and an app you can download for free. You might also like to get involved with the summer reading challenge mentioned above!

CBeebies Stories -
CBeebies Storytime App -

Oxford Owls Books

Teach Your Monster to Read -

RWI Phonics

Joining in daily with the speed sound lessons, is one of our top recommendations to add into your daily timetable during lockdown. Remember you can find them on Youtube or Facebook. There are now also 'Hold a Sentence' writing activity and red word videos to go along side the daily speed sound and spelling videos.

Please keep us updated on how you are getting on at home by emailing

Do not forget about all of the online resources including Phonics Play, Oxford Owls, Topmarks and Literacy Planet. Any questions please contact us and if you discover any great resources please share them with us.

Keep safe and keep smiling,
The Reception Team

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