Monday, 13 July 2020

Reception Home Learning Week 14

Good morning Reception!

It’s the final week before we break up for the summer holidays. It is strange to be saying goodbye after this year was cut short but you will all soon be going into year 1! We have loved teaching you in Reception but know that you will have a fantastic time in Year 1. We will all miss you so much, but it is time for the next step!

You should have received your child's report by email last week, if you haven't please drop us an email at and we will resend it. Please take a few moments to fill out the feedback form, as all feedback in very appreciated.

New classes were also released on Friday for Year one, as you can imagine this is a tricky task, balancing the children to find the best combination, as well as taking into account friendships, abilities and personalities. We mix Reception up to move into year one every year, and it always works out well. You can meet the year one teachers in this blog. 

Parents make sure you read the transition information and show your child any pictures or videos available, they might be a little nervous but we want to show them how exciting it will be! We can't wait to hear how well they all do next year. If your child has any questions about Year One please fill out the below form, and the Year One teachers will be filming a video to answer these later this week. 

You should be receiving two phone calls this week, one for your current teacher to say goodbye, and also allows an opportunity to discuss your child's report if you have any questions. You should also receive a phone call from child's new teacher, introducing themselves. Remember these phone calls may be from a withheld number. We look forward to speaking to you all this week! 

Thank you for all of your support this year, we really do appreciate it. The children have been fantastic and taken this in their stride as has all of your support from home. Thank you from the whole team! 

Things we have planned for this week....

As our time in Reception comes to an end and our move to year 1 is fast approaching we are giving you a choice of what you want to write this week.

  • You may want to write a letter to your new year 1 teacher this week! Think about all the fun things you are excited for going into year 1. Your new teachers are so excited to meet you and would love to receive a letter from you about everything you are looking forward to! 
  • The Reception team has loved teaching you this year, even if it has been a little strange ending it this way! You may want to write a letter to your Reception teacher about everything you have enjoyed about this year. Think about all the fun things we did and experiences you got to have. 
Take a photo of your letters and have your adult email them to the Reception team!

Click here to use the Sound Mat


This week's maths focus is one more and one less. The great thing about one more one less activities is there are many opportunities to naturally weave them into your daily routines! Some practical hands-on activities include:

  • You may want to draw a number line outside and have children throw a bean bag or ball on a number. They can then hop or jump to the number that is ‘one more’ or ‘one less’.
  • An extension using a number line again - Give children a clue, can you show me one more than seven and have them show you the answer on the number line. 
  • Children roll a dice and use lego or blocks to build a tower. Then flip a coin, heads you take one off and tails you add another block on. 

Some fun one less songs you can sing with your child are:
  • 5 cheeky monkeys 
  • 5/10 green bottles 
  • 5 little ducks 
  • 5 little men 

White Rose Maths

This week’s Maths is based around the book ‘How Many Legs’. You can listen to the story here.

Take a look at the activities, choose the ones you would like to do and let us know how you get on.

Other Activities

  • Research your favourite jungle creature. Can you draw a picture and write some facts?

  • Discuss with your family your favourites parts of your first year at school. Draw a picture of your favourite day!

  • Crazy cornflour slime - This activity is a bit messy but really fun and hands-on; children love exploring the strange properties of this cross between a liquid and a solid. For best results use a large shallow container that you can put on the floor, like a sand/water tray. Mix together cornflour and water until you have a slime consistency. Try punching the slime – it instantly turns solid. Roll some slime into a ball in your hand and then stop – it turns back into a liquid.

slime early years science activities for early years


This week our spellings are a mixture of green and red words, remember to think about whether there is a ‘special friend’ or tricky part in the word. Keep practising the other words you might have found tricky so you can use these in your writing.

Practice writing these spelling everyday, ready for the test on Fridays. One of your teachers will read out these spellings in a video for you to have a go at home. You can find the test on the Facebook page or through the blog on the school website. Good luck!



We know it is tricky to read everyday, and you may be growing a little tired of your books at home. However it is important to try and keep reading regularly. Oxford Owls has lots of online books of varying levels to read. You should also continue to share stories together, if you’re running out of books Youtube is full of storybooks and CBeebies also has a lot of stories and an app you can download for free. You might also like to get involved with the summer reading challenge mentioned above!

CBeebies Stories -

CBeebies Storytime App -

Oxford Owls Books

Teach Your Monster to Read -

RWI Phonics
From June 1st all lessons will be available at 9.30am and set one, two and three lessons will restart. Set two and three speed sound lessons will include new words for reading and spelling. There will also be daily videos to practice reading red words.

Joining in daily with the speed sound lessons, is one of our top recommendations to add into your daily timetable during lockdown. Remember you can find them on Youtube or Facebook.

Please keep us updated on how you are getting on at home by emailing 

Do not forget about all of the online resources including Phonics Play, Oxford Owls, Topmarks and Literacy Planet. Any questions please contact us and if you discover any great resources please share them with us.

Keep safe and keep smiling,
The Reception Team

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