Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Reception's Crime Scene!

The Reception children returned from their lunch today to find that someone had been into their classrooms during lunchtime. All three classrooms had been messed up and there was a series of clues left behind. The children quickly set to work examining the evidence and discussed who they thought the culprit may be. There was a wide range of potential suspects including the big bad wolf, Jack the Elf and Goldilocks.

The children spent the rest of the afternoon searching for the culprit, recording the clues they had found on clipboards and discussing their ideas and theories. What a fabulous afternoon of learning that took place!

"It can't be me, my footprint is too small" Summer 
"I've found another clue, there is sand on the floor." Noah 
"Look the water has been turned blue!" Harry 
"All this porridge is making me hungry." Finley 

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