Monday, 20 March 2017

Wood Work in Reception...

Woodwork is a very special activity to introduce to young children and has the potential to make a profound impression. Woodwork is full of learning opportunities and is a very popular activity with children. Deep levels of engagement and intense concentration are common and the children often remain involved in their explorations for extended periods regularly in excess of an hour. 
We have begun to introduce the children to various aspects of woodwork, under adult supervision, we have been teaching them different skills.  Whilst practising these skills the children have demonstrated knowledge and Understanding of the World, by talking about their own experiences and relating this process to their own lives.  Sophia said "My dad's a builder" and Miley said "My dad's got one of these".  Furthermore when using the screw driver the children demonstrating great resilience as they had to persevere to complete the task.

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