Monday, 8 January 2018

Reception Star Readers

In Aspen class we had a number of reading rewards this week. Congratulations to Kyla Kamau for reading 10 books and receiving her bookmark, and to Freddie Davey for achieving his Bronze star reader award for reading over 25 books.  

In Apple class Daisy Deitz, Nathaniel Watson and Fatimah Gadazma have received their bookmark for reading 10 books. Finley Clark has read over 25 books to receive his Bronze star reader award. Both Lucas Kalmakrian and Tele Onabajo have read 50 books gaining their Silver star reader award and a five pound book token. 

In Alder class Hussam Bashir and Martin Sullivan have reached the 10 book award and received a bookmark, Anish Kokulan reached the Bronze award for reading 25 books. Shivangi Zala has achieved the Silver award by reading over 50 books, she is very excited to use her prize of a £5 book token! Luke Vigors has read over 100 books and has achieved a Gold Award and won a trophy! 

Well done to all our fantastic Reception Star Readers!

Creating a love of reading in children is potentially one of the most powerful ways of improving academic standards in school. Please record your home reading in your Child's Reading Record. Please record all of your home reading including your Child's school storybook, green and red words which you have been practising together, RWI books and any additional books you have shared together. All of these reading sessions go towards the School Reading Awards.

Please, please ensure that your children brings their reading book and diary in on their reading day!!

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