Monday, 5 November 2018

Firework Food

In preparation for the firework season and our week learning about Diwali, Reception children worked very hard to make lots of special pasta that they can use for their arts and crafts and finger gyms.

The children developed their fine motor control painting each individual piece of pasta and they took responsibility for all the mess by cleaning and tidying up after themselves!

After our pasta had dried we then mixed in lots of glue and glitter to make our pasta sparkly and glittery, ready to use in our own arts and crafts.

Luckily, nobody wanted to eat this special pasta because we think it might give us a tummy ache.

We have also been making spicy rice! Using a special blend of rice, food colouring and exotic spices, we have made a good supply of resources for tracing our letters and it looks just like fireworks!

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