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Reception Newsletter 05.11.18

Term: Autumn 2 Date: 05.11.18

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have all settled back in well after the half term. We had a busy week of potion making and experiments. On Thursday morning we will be welcoming all parents and carers into our classrooms for a phonics stay and learn session. The session will run from 9 - 9.45am and will be a chance to see a short carpet session followed by a variety of phonics activities. We hope to see as many parents as possible.

This week we will be learning about both Bonfire Night and Diwali. We will be linking this back to the children’s families and discussing what we celebrate in our families. We will also be having a bonfire and toasting marshmallows as our experience for this half term.

Communication and Language
The children will be discussing what they celebrate at home. We will be encouraging the children to speak in full sentences and to extend their ideas. We will also recap what makes a good listener.

Physical Development
The children have been introduced to the woodwork area, learning the safety rules they must follow. They know that there must always be an adult present and they must wear safety glasses to protect their eyes. The children have practiced using a hammer and this week we will move on to use a screwdriver. Woodwork reached many different areas of the curriculum and is also great for developing fine motor control.

This week we will be looking at patterns. We will be describing patterns as well as creating our own patterns from everyday objects and 2D shapes.

We are writing onomatopoeia words to describe fireworks using our phonics knowledge.

Understanding the World
We are looking at similarities and differences between people. As well as learning about the stories behind Diwali and Bonfire Night.

Dates for your diary

Phonics Stay & Learn Session: Thursday 8th November - 9-9.45am
Join your child in their classroom for a Phonics Stay & Learn session. There will be activities and games to play together along with an opportunity to see a short carpet session.

EYFS Nativity: Tuesday 11th December 10.30am or 2.00pm

Bedtime Stories: Friday 7th December 5-6pm
Come and join us in the classroom for Christmas bedtime stories, hot chocolate and cookies. Pajamas encouraged!

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address it is:

Kind Regards,
The Reception Team

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