Sunday, 4 November 2018

Reception Certificates!

Congratulations to all our certificate winners this week! 4R certificates were awarded to:
Resilience - Irfan, Khalifa, Jimmy
Reciprocity - Kolby, Francesca
Resourcefulness - Lily, JJ
Reflectiveness - Liam

Congratulations also go to Eleni for receiving an 'I made my teacher happy' award. 

There was lots of reading awards this week! 

Bookmark for reading 10 books: Flynn, Elise, Aida, Louisa, William, Billie, Faramade, Lacey, Larissa, Camila, Bernardo, Eddie, Lily and Harvey. 

Bronze certificate for reading 25 books: Ethan, Emily, Eddie and Aisha. 

 Remember you can record your bedtime stories in Reception. Keep on reading! 

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