Sunday, 21 June 2020

Nursery Home Learning Week 11 (Dancing video included)

Good Morning,

We hope you had a lovely week at home and enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Here are some of the activities the children enjoyed doing at home and at Nursery. The weather is meant to be nice this week so we have kept to the mini-beast theme, make sure you look out for them when you are out and about and tell us any facts you learn!

Prepare some minibeast bug snacks this week. The children had been working hard to develop their knife skills in Nursery. They had been learning how to hold their hand in the correct position and push down remembering to hold the vegetables with the other hand. You could let them help you prepare some snacks. The ones below have a celery base and a scoop of cream cheese at the base. Then you could use cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach leaves, olives, chives, apples, strawberries or whatever ingredient you would prefer to create the bug! You could use peanut butter as an alternative to cream cheese.
Whilst preparing the fruit and vegetables you can talk about what you notice. Is it crunchy, hard, soft, squishy? Why is the celery stringy? Can you spot the seeds? This supports the children to make observations and think about similarities and differences.

This game supports number recognition and counting in order. You can set it at a level to suit your child.

You could use pegs to practice your counting skills and match number to a quantity. These spiders/bugs could be made with card of any colours and washing pegs. Write on a number to start counting and matching your pegs.

Can you make your own but with an empty toilet roll? Children can paint colour and decorate. (They don't need to look like perfect bugs at the end, the children will recognise what they have made!)

There is a wonderful selection of mini beast creative craft ideas at

Try and support the children to recognise their own name by writing it out for them. There are lots of fun ways you can support this.
Try practicing writing your child’s name with them if they can recognise it now. Check they are holding the pencil correctly, you want them to be working towards holding it in the dynamic tripod grip pictured below. Use a capital letter for the first letter and lower case (not capitals) for the rest of the name. You can support them by showing them the letter first and then letting them try or letting them trace over the name, it helps to just do this letter by letter.

The set 1 sounds are still available for learning at home through the Ruth Miskin website: If you need any support or are unsure of where to start with this please email and we will be happy to support further.

Make sure you keep reading! Stories are really important. You can find lots of stories on Cbeebies if you are struggling to access books. 

Miss St Louis has a story book to share with you all this week and a new story challenge for children to develop their story telling skills at home! 
Room on the Broom 

Story Challenge 

You can join in the Summer Reading Challenge by clicking on the picture below and finding out more.

You will find lots of resources about empathy on the main facebook page this week. You could listen to this story called ‘I am Human’ to start talking about this subject with young children at home. 

We have put together our dancing video for you all to see! We hope you enjoy. If you'd like to join in but haven't yet you can email your 5 second dance to or upload to Evidence Me and we will update it for next week.

Have a lovely week, enjoy the sunshine and let us know what you do at home! 

The Nursery Team 

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