Monday, 22 June 2020

Reception Home Learning Week 11

Good morning Reception!

We welcomed some children back to school last week which has been very exciting! It was lovely to see so many smiling faces and you all adapted and settled in fantastically! We will continue to post home learning blogs for those at home, and for the days that the children are not at school. Remember to apply your suncream this week and to wear a hat, it's going to be a hot one!

Important: Update your contact details!

The office are setting up a new email and text alert system. This is something we are hoping to use to share details regrinding transition to year one. Can we ask that everyone fills out the below form to update their contact details please. Thank you and please pass on to other families.

Returning to school

If you are thinking about returning to school, please ensure you read the following information and then fill out the attached form. One of the team will be in touch.

The Sneetches

You may want to listen or read the story, 'The Sneetches' to your children this week. Some of the Sneetches have bellies with stars, but the plain-bellied ones have none upon thars! But an unexpected visitor soon leads them to discover they're not that different after all. It will give children an opportunity to reflect on current global events and consider their own understanding of what is going on in our world.

Here’s what we’ve got planned this week…..

Word Hunt

A fun activity to do at home with past spelling words! These could be words you are currently practising or red ones. Find different ways to hide them around the house or use chalk to make a game!

Tales Toolkit

Before schools closed we had just begun using Tales Toolkit with the children to develop storytelling and language. Tales toolkit uses four symbols to structure the story and is easy for children to become familiar with. These symbols are character, setting, problem and solution.

Watch the video to find out what the character, setting, problem and solution are. Encourage your child to verbally create a story using these prompts. You may want to scribe their story for them or if your child is looking for a challenge after they have told the story they could have a go at writing it.


Write a letter to Fred the Frog! 

Fred has been missing everyone while you have been at home! He would love if you wrote him a letter about what you have been doing while you have been at home. You can tell him about any activities you have been doing, what the weather has been like and maybe what you miss about school. Have you been cycling? Painting? Playing with your pet? Playing with your sibling/s? Fred wants to know! If you ask your adult to take a photo of your letter and send it to your teacher we will make sure we read your letters to Fred!

Plan your sentences out loud first and then have a go at writing them independently. Remember to use your sounds and fred fingers to help you spell each word! Don’t forget your finger spaces between words and remember to use the sound mat to help with letter formation.

Click here to use the Sound Mat


This weeks maths focus is number bonds to 10. Number bonds to 10 are pairs of number that, when added together, give the number 10. Examples are 1 + 9, 7 + 3 and 5 + 5. Recap with your child the addition symbol (+) and what addition means. Some ways to help teach number bonds would be to give your child ten counters (Lego bricks, pasta shapes, buttons, sweets, anythings works! ) and model ways of splitting the 10 counters in two groups and ask them questions such as: What do you add to 3 to make 10? What do you add to 2 to make 10? Encourage them to use the counters to work it out!

You could also print out or make number cards and ask your child to match them up into number pairs or number bonds. 

Here’s a fun song to help with teaching number bonds to 10.

White Rose Maths

This week’s Maths is based around the book Zog, another written by Julia Donaldson. You can listen to the story here.

Take a look at the activities, choose the ones you would like to do and let us know how you get on.

Other Activities

  • Can you find a stone and then explore different objects that are lighter and heavier than your stone? What does it mean if something is lighter or heavier? What objects are heavier? What are lighter? Why is it different? 
  • Research some real life facts about Frogs. What do they look like? Where do they live? 
  • Make a paper plate Fred the Frog. 
  • Can you make a Frog life cycle (this one is edible, but you can use any resources you like)? What are the different stages? What will you use? Make sure to take photos and send them to your teacher!


This week our spellings are a mixture of green and red words, remember to think about whether there is a ‘special friend’ or tricky part in the word. Keep practising the other words you might have found tricky so you can use these in your writing.

Practice writing these spelling everyday, ready for the test on Fridays. One of your teachers will read out these spellings in a video for you to have a go at home. You can find the test on the Facebook page or through the blog on the school website. Good luck!



We know it is tricky to read everyday, and you may be growing a little tired of your books at home. However it is important to try and keep reading regularly. Oxford Owls has lots of online books of varying levels to read. You should also continue to share stories together, if you’re running out of books Youtube is full of storybooks and CBeebies also has a lot of stories and an app you can download for free. You might also like to get involved with the summer reading challenge mentioned above!

CBeebies Stories -
CBeebies Storytime App -

Oxford Owls Books

Teach Your Monster to Read -

RWI Phonics
From June 1st all lessons will be available at 9.30am and set one, two and three lessons will restart. Set two and three speed sound lessons will include new words for reading and spelling. There will also be daily videos to practice reading red words.
Starting on the 15th June there will also be videos for read and hold a sentence.

Joining in daily with the speed sound lessons, is one of our top recommendations to add into your daily timetable during lockdown. Remember you can find them on Youtube or Facebook.

Please keep us updated on how you are getting on at home by emailing

Do not forget about all of the online resources including Phonics Play, Oxford Owls, Topmarks and Literacy Planet. Any questions please contact us and if you discover any great resources please share them with us.

Keep safe and keep smiling,
The Reception Team

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