Monday, 29 June 2020

Nursery Home Learning Week 12

Good Morning Nursery, 

We hope you all had a nice time last week and enjoyed the sunshine! It is a little cooler this week but we still have some fun activities for you. If you would like your child to return to school before the summer you need to either fill out the below form, call the office or drop the Nursery Team an email by Wednesday 1st July. The last intake of pupils will be the week beginning the 6th July. Mr McLucas letter here explains in a little more detail.week’s theme is based on What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. The animals on the farm are always noisy, all except for the ladybird who never says a word. But when burglars plot to steal the farmer's fine prize cow, it's the quiet ladybird who comes up with the perfect way to stop their plan!

Understanding of the world - Can you draw a map of the farm and the robber’s plan?

Cooking activity - Ladybird Crackers

What you need:
Round crackers
whipped cream cheese
black olives
cherry tomatoes
chives or green onion top
chopped fresh herbs

What to do:
Spread a layer of cream cheese on a cracker.
Cut a cherry tomato in half for the body. Gently press it into the cream cheese so it stays in place.
Cut a black olive in half and attach one half to the front of the tomato to form a face.
Chop the other half of the olive into tiny pieces and attach to the tomato for the ladybird's spots.
Put two tiny dots of the cream cheese on the face to make the eyes. Top with a tiny piece of black olive.
Cut a chive or green onion top into two tiny strips and attach for the antennas.
Sprinkle chopped fresh herbs around the ladybird.

Creative - Build a Bug Hotel

We all know that insects need somewhere safe to live so why not build a bug hotel and place this in your outdoor space for children to investigate.

Counting backwards.  Practice your counting forwards and backwards. When counting backwards you can use this game to help you and learn the song '10 green bottles'. You could make your own bottles to help you!

Here is this weeks tell a story challenge:

RWI Phonics

The set 1 sounds are still available for learning at home through the Ruth Miskin website: If you need any support or are unsure of where to start with this please email and we will be happy to support further.

Have a lovely week,
The Nursery Team

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