Friday, 16 October 2020

Super Duper You!


Super Duper You!

This week in Reception, as part of our Topic, we have been reading the story Super Duper You. The children have enjoyed discussing what makes each of them special. The children worked hard to write what makes them amazing. They loved getting creative and making stick puppets of themselves. They also made their own houses and drew themselves and their families.  We have had a super duper week in Reception learning about what makes each of us unique and special. 

Lucas: "Me and Nanny live in my house."
Sofia: "I am amazing because I am a good ballerina."
Tesha: "I am amazing because I am helpful."
Freddie: "I am amazing because I run really fast."
Anya: "I love my house."

Anna: "My mum makes cupcakes."
Adam: "I am good at running."
Billy: "I am good at painting."
Tyson: "I am good at jumping."

Lily: "I am amazing at tidying."
Jorgie: "I am amazing because I love my mummy." 
Chloe: "I am amazing because I'm a good friend."
Nyasa: "I am amazing because I'm kind."

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