Friday, 8 October 2021

Reception Learning Week 6


Reception Learning - Week 6

Key Information 
  • Parents evening slips will be handed out to the children on Monday. If you did not request a time, you have been allocated on. Please try to make the time you have been given as it is difficult to rearrange.
  • Thank you if you have brought in a milk carton. Please keep them coming next week! 
  • School photos (individual/siblings) will take place on Wednesday  
  • Please ensure you have sent in a spare set of clothes for your child and welly boots if possible.

This week we have been focusing on matching and sorting objects. The children have taken part in a range of investigative tasks where they have been using their maths skills to answer questions such as:
Q- Can you find one exactly like mine?
Q- How do you know?
Q- Can you find one that is different to mine?
Q- Why is this not like mine?

We read The button Box to support our learning. You can watch the story here: The Button Box

Harvey "I matched all the colours"
Lirsa "Same, Same"
Lola "The blue one is different as it has more that the pink one"

Roza "This is called matching, they are the same shape"
Elsie " They are the same colour"

Key Vocabulary: the same, different, matching, odd, pair, pairing

For the next fortnight we will be focusing on the text 'Super Duper Me'. This lovely story celebrates our qualities and differences. Below we you can see some of the lovely self portraits that we drew and our lollipop houses.

Esmee "I have yellow hair"
Emily "I have a big smile"
Vrisha "I have a blue head band today"

Araoluwa "I have brown hair with beads in it"
Mikail "I have black hair"
Danni-Ella " My hair is yellow and pretty"

Outdoor learning 

Even as the weather turns a bit colder, the children in Reception LOVE their water play, and so they should... Water play activities help to develop and strengthen children's gross and fine motor skills. Children enhance their gross motor skills, coordination and physical fitness through lifting, pouring, carrying, running and splashing, while actions such as squeezing help to develop the small muscles in a child's hands. Take a look at all the fun this week... 

Jace: "Iustin,  it's going down the holes"
Finley: "Ronnie...Quick! Look, It's coming! I'm catching it"
Bernice "My duck is spotty"
Abbas "There is bubbles in there!"

Phonics Learning  

This week in phonics, we have learnt the sounds  c k u b f . We have been practicing our letter formation for each sound in our Read, Write, Inc books. If you would like to practice this further with your child at home, the sheets for each sound can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Sound C        Sound K         Sound U          Sound B       Sound F  

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