Monday, 23 January 2023

Frosty Fun In Reception

 Frosty Fun In Reception

It may be cold outside but what wonderful learning opportunities the icy weather is providing for our children!

The children we very curious about the frost and ice that had appeared in our outside area. We had lots of discussions about how the ice had came to be and what the cold weather meant for our day to day life. We talked about the time of year, how we can keep warm in the colder months and what we had seen on our way to school in the mornings.

The children explored using warm water to melt the ice, finding different ways to break the ice and thinking about where they may be able to find more - finally settling on the tyres in our loose parts area where they new there was often water.

With the help of the adults in the setting, we decided to conduct an experiment by leaving dinosaurs in bowls of water to see if they would freeze overnight.

'Look it's because it's hot, it's melting' - Elliot
'The steps are icy too! Look, it's working!' - Jayden
'It looks like hair. It's melting!' - Matia

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