Friday, 20 November 2020

Reception Home Learning Gallery


Wow Reception you have been working so hard at home and we are super proud of you all. We thought it would be nice to share what some of you have been up to.

Thank you for sharing your amazing learning with us!

. Keep working hard and sharing your work via parent share on Evidence Me or via the mailbox.

In Alder Class...

Callissys has been practising her phonics and letter formation. Pippa has been working hard on orally blending her green words. Torsten has designed his own odd socks. Anya has been working hard in Maths learning about Money and Oscar has used 7 bricks to make the number 7.

Anya has been creative and decorated her own money box. Tesha has been working hard identifying coins. Adam has made an amazing rainbow spaceship. Callissya has been working hard completing some additions sums and Amaira has been working hard spelling out some CVC words in Read, Write, Inc.  

In Aspen Class...

Aadya has been practising writing her green words independently, segmenting and blending the CVC and CCVC words. Ayana has enjoyed starting up her own restaurant and food hall shop. Thomas made a fantastic money egg box. Aryaan has been writing his space rocket list and making his own junk model rocket. Henry has been working hard on his Odd Socks poster. Batool has been practising her number work and teaching her Mummy and sister. Adam has been supporting Odd Socks Day and practising his letter formation. 

In Apple Class...

Andreea has been working hard to write her name and the names of all of her family members. Parisa wrote a list of things that she would take to space. Parisa had the brilliant idea to take a doctor with her as well as food, toys and a phone! She also made an amazing rocket out of junk modelling. Parisa had fun making leave printings and playing shop keepers.  Jessica enjoyed completing activities on Mathletics and learning her sounds. She also wrote down words and sang songs. Jessica played shop keepers and studied money. She also had fun baking and decorating cookies. They looked delicious, enjoy them Jessica! Sonny completed a problem solving activity. He enjoyed solving the problems and getting through the maze fast, well done Sonny! Excellent work Apple class and thank you for sharing your brilliant learning from home with us. 

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