Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Marvellous Maths in Reception 10.03.23

 Marvellous Maths in Reception 

This week in Reception, the children explored time. The children started by making toast for their morning snack. They watched to see how long it takes for bread to turn into toast. 

We then looked back over our time in reception so far, and ordered significant events such as the Christmas concert and events that we are yet to celebrate such as Easter. 

We also looked at their baby photos and saw how they have changed from babies to now. The children enjoyed telling their friends what they liked and disliked as babies and how they have changed since then.

How many times can you write your name in one minute? 

Can you tidy up your toys in one minute?


Vanessa: " It's going to take 100 minutes" 
Matthew: " This toast is so yummy" 

Inaya: "It took 2 minutes to toast" 
Harrie: " It's going to pop up when it's done" 

Sofia: " I used a dummy when I was a baby"
Harry: " I was such a cute baby"

Jaxon: "It took longer than one minute to toast" 
Ameerah: "I can butter my toast faster than the timer" 

Key Vocabulary: 

First, Next, After, Last, today, tomorrow, yesterday, before, birthday, one, minute 

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