Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Reception Wellbeing Wednesday

 Wellbeing Wednesday

Dear Parents and Carers, on Wellbeing Wednesday the School finish and pick up time is at 1pm.

On Wellbeing Wednesday you can take a break from your computers and devices and take part in lots of fun, different activities outside or around your home.

This afternoon, complete these mindfulness activities:

Wellness: mindful activity 3Wellness: mindful activity 4

Wellness: mindful activity 1

You could also go for a walk in your local area. What did you notice on your walk? Did you see any animals or notice any changes to any of the trees or wildlife?

You may want to help your family with any chores around the house. You could tidy your room or help with folding clothes away or washing up.

Why not help your family to prepare and make a healthy dinner or bake something delicious in the afternoon! 

We hope you enjoy taking part in Wellbeing Wednesday. 

Please let us know what you got up to and share your learning with us!


Please email us at to contact a member of the Reception Team. Please submit work using a Parent Postcard on Evidence Me. Keep checking the Broadford More Blogs page EYFS Blog Page and Facebook page for updates. 


Best wishes

The Reception Team

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