Friday, 26 March 2021

Nursery: Spring 2 Week 5

This blog shows some of our highlights from the week including:

  • Tree Rubbings

  • Insect Hunting

  • Continued learning about the frog cycle

  • Rebuilding Wellbeing: Heart

Tree Rubbings

The children have had fun learning about how they can use chalk or crayons to imprint natural and unnatural patterns onto paper by making rubbings.

Insect Hunting

As the weather warms insects and bugs return to nursery and the children have loved using the bug hunting kit to find insects, catch them, observe them and then release them back into the wild. They were able to look closely at a lady bird and ant, count their legs (and the ladybirds spots). Some also enjoyed drawing the insects on the floor using chalk. It was a great opportunity to talk about the shape of the insects too.

Continued learning about the frog cycle

This week the children continued to observe the tadpoles and learn more about them. They learnt that the water needs to be oxygenated using plants and that we keep them safe by looking but not touching. The children collected sticks ready for when the tadpoles grow legs and need to climb out of the water. They then measured them using chalk on the floor and comparing which are longer and shorter (see the floor markings below). We have a frog in the small world area and a non-fiction book about frogs for children to read and learn from.

Next week:

  • Springtime and Easter 

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