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Reception Home Learning 29.03.21 Billy and the Beast





                        Billy and the Beast 


Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please email us at if you have any queries or questions with regards to your child’s learning. We will be here to support you! Please find below this week’s learning. We have attached web links for documents and files which you can share with your child and/or children at home. 

Phonics & Reading

Days of the Week Song

Click on the link for the  29.03.2021 RWI Virtual School

for this week’s phonic sounds sessions. We have also added Learning to Blend videos too. 

Learning to Blend

At this stage your child is segmenting the letters ---- c-a-t but then saying another word, e.g sounding out c-a-t and saying the word mat! This is a developmental stage to learning to blend and you may find the additional links in the document useful! 

Links will expire in 7 days.

Phonics Comic

My Book Blog

Reading Questions Booklet 

(Reading and Spelling 15 minutes each)

Please record your daily reading in your reading records.

Read a book or Click here for Oxford Owl electronic  reading books.

My Book Blog

Please email us at for your child’s login information.

(Please note books can only be reviewed on the book blog site not read.) 

Wellbeing Wednesday

Reception, on Wellbeing Wednesday you can take a break from your computers and devices and take part in lots of fun, different activities outside or around your home.

This afternoon, make a Fab File to collect work and pictures that you are proud of, certificates that celebrate your achievements and cards from people that you care about. 

You could also go for a walk in your local area. What did you notice on your walk? Did you see any animals or notice any changes to any of the trees or wildlife?

You may want to help your family with any chores around the house. You could tidy your room or help with folding clothes away or washing up.

Why not help your family to prepare and make a healthy dinner or bake something delicious in the afternoon! 

We hope you enjoy taking part in Wellbeing Wednesday. 

Please let us know what you got up to and share your learning with us!






Friday  - Good Friday 

Recognise the number 13 and different representations of 13.  Look at the Number 13

Can you write the number 13?

 Can you write the numbers from 0-9?

Ten Town Number Formation

SUPERSTITIOUS: Would you buy a house with the number 13?

Look at the 2D shapes

and 3D shapes, how do they differ to 2D shapes? 

Can you name and describe and features of the different 3D shapes?

Can you find  real life 3D shapes around your home? Put them in a feely bag or a bag you can’t see through and try and guess what shape it is. Can you describe the 3D shape in the bag?

Use two hoops to make a venn diagram or draw one on paper. Use your real life 3D shapes from your home. How can you sort the 3D shapes? 

Can you sort them by their faces? What 2D faces do they have? 

Can you sort them by whether they are curved or flat? Can you sort them by whether they roll/slide or do both?3D Shape Activity Year 1

Go on a 3D shape hunt in your home, garden or outdoor area.  

Can you find the 3D shapes and name and describe them correctly? 


Please email us at for your child’s login information.

This should be found in your child’s Reading Record.


Listen to the story - Billy and the Beast






Listen to the story  Billy and the Beast and look at the Vocab Slides.

What makes Billy a real life hero? 

Billy is an example of a real life superhero because she helped her friends. Can you think of some more people in real life that help us and are heroes? 

Look at the Real Life Superheroes.

What real life superhero would you like to be and why?

Look again at the Real Life Superheroes.

Can you think of someone who has helped you and why they are super?

Read all about Easter

What happens at Easter? 

Can you complete any of the Easter activities?

You can also go on an Easter Egg Hunt around your home.  

Good Friday -

Easter Holidays


What makes Billy a real life hero? Write a super sentence about what makes Billy a real life hero.


Choose a real life superhero that you would like to be and write a sentence saying why you would like to be them. 


Write a sentence about someone who has helped you and why they are super.


Go on an Easter Egg Hunt around your home! 

Easter Egg Hunt

You can also complete any other Easter Activities.


Please use the website links below for any additional learning that you may wish to complete with your child. 

Helpful Websites:

There are lots of new and updated websites providing additional online learning and support during this period of school closure if you wish to complete additional learning activities.


Phonics & Reading



Please email us at to contact a member of the Reception Team. Please submit work using a Parent Postcard on Evidence Me. Keep checking the Broadford More Blogs page EYFS Blog Page and Facebook page for updates. 


Best wishes

The Reception Team

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