Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Meet the Year 1 Team 2021

 Meet the Team - Play Works

Hi Reception, 

It is that exciting point in the year where you get to meet your new teachers. As in previous years, we have mixed the classes. We do this most years and we understand that it can cause some parents and carers anxiety but we promise you the children are very resilient. 

The children had a wonderful time today meeting their new teachers and exploring their new area.

        Meet the Year One Team

If you are in Beech Class, your teacher will be...

Mrs Gradley 


"Hi everyone! I am going to be your Year One Lead and Beech class teacher. I am so excited to have this opportunity to continue to be part of your learning journey. The past year has been very different for us all and I cannot wait for us to share this year with each other!


"This is our Classroom in the 'new build'. I’m so excited to be moving to Year 1 with you all. I can’t wait to start back in September in our new area. There will be lots of different areas and outdoor spaces for us to explore and enhance too!"


If you are in Apricot Class, your teacher will be...

Miss Myers


"Hey everybody! I am so excited to meet you all and become your Year 1 teacher! We are going to have such a great year learning lots of new things and having so much fun!”

We are going to be Apricot Class! So I will make sure that over the summer I will make our new classroom a great place to learn and explore ready for September. 


Have a great summer and I will see you all soon! 



If you are in Walnut Class, your teacher will be...

Mrs Fayefumni


" Hi everyone! I am very excited to be your class teacher next year.

This is Walnut Class, your Year 1 class. I  have started getting ready for September and I am  looking forward to  welcoming you to Walnut after the summer break. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday.


Meet the Year 1 Team





Miss Fayefunmi

Walnut Class Teacher

Mrs Gradley 

Beech Class Teacher

Year Group Lead

Miss Myers

Apricot Class Teacher






Mrs Hallowell


Mr Cardwell


Miss Martin

Mrs Jackson





Miss Gibson

Miss Salisbury

Miss McClenaghan

Miss Davies



We are all super excited for September!

Many thanks, 

Year 1 Team

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